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  • Right click internet connection icon in taskbar and click properties or select network properties through the control panel.

  • Click configure, select faster connection, eg. 230400 or higher. note: try until you find the right speed without it getting unstable.

  • Now tick the 3 boxes under hardware features, eg. enable hardware flow control, modem error control and compression.

    Heres some pictures.

Image    Image   Image

And last of all go into your device manager by holding your windows key and pressing your pause key, then go to the hardware tab and select device manager.
When there, scroll down to modems and double click. Go to the modem tab and put your speaker volume as high as it goes and also select a higher maximum port speed. 115200 is what I use

Have a look at these pic's.

Image    Image   Image

I'd also recommend you download TCP/IP OPTIMIZER

TCP/IP OPTIMIZER is a program that increases your internet speed.
Make sure you read the documentation when configuring.