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GParted Live CD
System Req: Win Vista - 10, Linux, MAC and more
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It's just like the powerful partition magic but free. Just extract the .iso file to a cd and boot from it. GPARTED stands for Gnome Partition Editor and is popular for many linux users. It gives support for many different file systems and is quick and small. Highly recommended.
NOTE: Documentation is not included, I recommend you read it and even get a copy from here

EaseUS Partition Master Free
System Req: Win Vista - 10
Download Page EaseUS Partition Master Free Screenshot

This program is a partition manager that runs from your operating system. Features include resize, move and copy partitions, copy disks, create, delete and format partitions, hide and unhide partitions and changing drive letters. It's easy to use, has a nice interface and works fine. NOTE: Does not support 64bit machines


Easily save or print out directories of files that are on your computer. Information can include the file's size, date and time of last modification etc.... You can also sort the list of files by name, size, date created, save the format of the list to txt, html, csv and more. A small non-installable file that works fast. Very nice

TreeCopy  TreeCopy Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 8, 8.1
Download Page TreeCopy Screenshot

Allows you to copy directory structures without copying the files.
Features include a command line interface and a sub directory calculator.
Small, portable, fast, free and very handy


System Req: Win Vista - 8, 8.1
Download Page HoeKey Screenshot

Ever wanted to assign hotkeys to run programs, listen to music, adjust volume etc... Well HOEKEY is for you. It's a very small program that takes up only 180k in resources and is run by a configurable .ini file. It comes with good doc's and is fairly easy to use. Definitely a keeper, enjoy

AutoHotkey  AutoHotkey Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 10
Download Page AutoHotkey Screenshot

A scipting utility that allows you to remap keys and buttons, and make almost any key, joystick button, mouse button, or combination into a hotkey.
Features include, creating your own stand-alone EXE files that can be run on any computer, graphical interfaces, backwards compatibility with Autoit V2, macro recorder and more.
It also comes with detailed documentation, which is very helpful.
I'm sure, many technicians would use this daily on their client's computers

File Splitters

GSplit  GSplit Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 10
Download Page GSplit Screenshot

A free and powerful file splitter that lets you split your large files into a set of smaller files. It then creates a self-uniting program that automatically restores the original file without any uniting tool! Finally it includes advanced features for easily and safely splitting your files. (Authors description, slightly modified)


Rename Master  Rename Master Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 10
Download Page Rename Master Screenshot

A utility that renames large groups of files with a few clicks.
Anyone that has worked with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures has probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files. It will add, remove, or replace parts of the filename with ease, rename via file properties, MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. It also has a handy auto preview so you can see what you are about to do and operations can be saved as scripts, so they can easily be reused whenever you need them. A powerful tool that will assist all users in their everyday tasks.
It's small, fast and requires no install. (Taken from authors description and slightly modified)

Shell Extension Managers

Folder Guide
System Req: Win Vista - 7
Download Page Folder Guide Screenshot

Allows you to setup which folders you would like to open from right clicking your mouse.
Features include managing entries, importing and exporting and sorting from A -Z.
A nice and small application that will save you time

ShellExView  ShellExView Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 10
Download Page ShellExView Screenshot

When you install some programs, they don't tell you that they are also installing shell extension components. Basically these are the options that come up when you right click a file or folder on your system. Now you can control which ones you want enabled or removed. Clean up the clutter

Virtual Drive Creators

System Req: Win Vista - 8, 8.1
Download Page MagicDisc Screenshot

Allows you to create and manage CD/DVD images on your hard drive.
Easily access your favorite games, music or software programs without having to have the disc in your CD/DVD ROM

Command Line Launchers

SlickRun  SlickRun Portable
System Req: Win XP - 8, 8.1
Download Page SlickRun Screenshot

A command line launcher that comes with extras.
Setup magicwords to launch files, folders, urls, executables and more. With this utility, you really have no need to use the run command.
Features include autocomplete, floating bar, ghost mode, import/export of magicwords and more. This is really popular and I can see why.
It will save you a lot of time and might even become one of your favourite little tools that you use daily

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