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Open Office    Open Office Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10, Linux, SUN SOLARIS, FREE BSD, MAC OS X
Download Page Open Office Screenshot

This is an alternative to MS office for windows. The only difference is, it's multi System Req, which means it supports other operating systems.
Comes with valuable application tools such as a word processor, spreadsheet, publisher, database and a few others. Excellent

Printmaster Express
System Req: Win XP - 7
Direct Download Printmaster Express Screenshot

Lets you create cards, posters, letter heads, fax covers, newsletters, calenders and more.
Just recently we had mothers day, so I decided to hunt down a program to create a card and this is what I found was the best on offer. Features include adding shadow effects, using guides, different layers, tables and more.
It's easy to use, you can customize to your hearts content and it suited my needs just fine

PagePlus SE
System Req: Win XP - 8.1
Download Page PagePlus SE Screenshot

A free alternative desktop publishing program to MS Publisher.
Features include a wide range of preset document layouts, table tool, quick shapes, artistic text, design studio, colour schemes and more. They also have about 500 different free templates you can download from here.
Registration is required after installing but in my opinion this program is worth it. An excellent DTP program

If youv'e ever wanted to convert a document from one type to another, this is your program. It's multi system, easy to use, makes things simple and it doesn't display any type of branding on your converted documents. Get it while you can, free for non commercial use

Stickies  Stickies Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10
Download Page Stickies Screenshot

Stickies is a note creator for your desktop. While creating notes though, you can customize the look and feel of them, set them to appear on a specified date or time, transfer them over to another machine and lots more.
It does it's job and it's small and fast. Get it while you can

CSVed  CSVed Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10
Download Page CSVed Screenshot

Allows you to manipulate any CSV file, separated with any separator. Features include right click shell integration through options, import, export HTML, Excel, Word, XML and more, sort by columns and much more. A great tool if you use these files regularly, highly recommended

Budget Tracker
System Req: Win 95 - XP
Download Page Budget Tracker Screenshot

Work out how much you spend every month, by tracking down where your expenses go. Lets you enter in data amounts for specific items, and shows you the average spent over time for expenses. Easy to use and handy if you want to know where your moneys going, to better manage your finances

EssentialPIM Free  EssentialPIM Free Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10
Download Page EssentialPIM Free Screenshot

A simple personal information manager that looks like MS outlook.
Features include reminders, calendar, addresses, schedulers etc...
In the options window you can configure options for auto save, backup, scedule colours and so on. It also allows you to import your existing data from MS Outlook, Outlook Express and save your data into other formats like .html, .rtf, .csv or .txt.
There is also a portable version available for download for your USB or floppy disk, just incase you don't want to install it on your computer

System Req: Win XP - 10, Linux, MAC OS and more
Download Page Grisbi Screenshot

A personal accounting manager with lots of features.
It can manage multiple accounts, currencies and users. It manages third party, expenditure and receipt categories, as well as budgetary lines, financial years, and other informations that makes it quite adapted for associations (except those that require double entry accounting) and more.
Very nice for those that need this sort of program

Foxit Reader  Foxit Reade Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10, Linux
Download Page Foxit Reader Screenshot

A small, clean and fast PDF (Portable Document Format) document reader.
Most people would know about Adobe Acrobat, but now there is an alternative.
It takes up hardly any resources, loads the documents quickly and requires no install.
A very popular tool right now, that all pc users should take advantage of

PDF-Xchange Viewer  PDF-Xchange Viewer Portable
System Req: Win XP - 10
Download Page PDF-Xchange Viewer Screenshot

A powerful PDF viewer, with various tools included to make an impressive package.
Features include adding comments and annotations to any PDF file (subject to security settings), export pages or files into different image formats, extracting text, a handy loupe tool to zoom in on selected areas of a document and more. I also like the modern tabbed interface. Grab it while you can

Open Contacts  Open Contacts Portable
System Req: Win XP - 8
Download Page Open Contacts Screenshot

An address book program that allows you to manage and lookup contact information.
Features include categorizing by individuals, departments, organizations and using various predefined fields, importing from email clients, exporting to other file formats, printing off contacts, attaching photos and files and it's also portable