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System Req: Win 2000 - Vista
Download Page Reso Screenshot

With this little gem, you can change your screen to a different resolution for certain programs. I use it when I'm playing Street Fighter online

FreeCommander  FreeCommander Portable
System Req: Win 98 - Vista
Download Page FreeCommander Screenshot

Excellent windows explorer like tool, but much better.
Features include dual split window display for transferring files quicker to directories, many options for settings and lots more. Very handy tool

Font Magic
System Req: Win 95 - XP
Direct Download Font Magic Screenshot

This program creates text in 3D and is easy to use. Features include creating logos for web pages, saving static images and animations, various textures etc....

System Req: Win 95 - 7
Direct Download Convert Screenshot

Convert is an easy to use unit conversion program that will convert the most popular units of distance, temperature, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and many others, including the ability to create custom conversions! (Taken from the author's software description on his site)

Icon Restore
System Req: Win 95 - XP
Download Page Icon Restore Screenshot

I find it annoying when I change the resolution on my desktop and my icons move from their postion. Don't you? It doesn't happen anymore, thanks to this program. All you have to do is run it, and then right click your recycle bin when you need it, to save or restore your icon layout. Easy to use and very helpful

System Req: Win XP - 8
Download Page Dexpot Screenshot

A multiple virtual desktop manager.
It gives you the option to have a variety of different desktops with what ever elements you choose to have on them. Create individual backgrounds, resolutions, screen savers, icons etc....
Great for beginners and useful for those that have more advanced experience

NexusFont  NexusFont Portable
System Req: Win XP - 7
Download Page NexusFont Screenshot

A powerful font manager that provides easy management of your fonts.
Features include previewing and comparing selected font types, installing and uninstalling fonts on your system, finding duplicate fonts and more. NexusFont is also portable, which is very handy.

The Font Thing  The Font Thing Portable
System Req: Win 95 - XP
Download Page The Font Thing Screenshot

A font manager that is small and easy to use.
Features include browsing, installing and uninstalling fonts, viewing detailed font information, associating notes with fonts and more

Kronen Design 1.38
System Req: Win 95 - Vista
Direct Download Kronen Design 1.38 Screenshot

Design quickly professional looking media labels and packagings.
Features include lots of different templates such as CD/DVD covers, tapes, videos, cards, letters and more, importing and exporting, text insert, printing preferences, extra plugins and more. With so many functions included, this has to be one of the best media label managers available for free. NOTE: Last Freeware version

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