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Google Chrome    Google Chrome Portable
System Req: Win XP - 8, Linux, MAC
Download Page Google Chrome Screenshot

This browser is gaining more and more popularity everyday. I have now switched to using it instead of Firefox. The main reason is speed, ease of use and low resource usage. I really like the search function for google in the address bar and how you can highlight text on a page and drag it to the search bar as well. Although it hasn't got as many as extensions as Firefox as yet, it is well on it's way to catching up. Why not give it a try and see why many users have made the switch

Firefox  Firefox Portable
System Req: Win XP - 8, Linux, MAC
Download Page Firefox Screenshot

A nice browser, it's advantages over internet explorer are speed, privacy, security, customization, tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking and many more. A bit rescource hungry though

System Req: Win XP - 8
Download Page Avant Screenshot

This browser uses the IE engine, but has a whole lot more capabilities available.
If you don't like FF, give this a whirl

Opera  Opera Portable
System Req: Win XP - 8, Linux, FREE BSD, MAC, SOLARIS, OS/2
Download Page Opera Screenshot

Previously this browser wasn't available for free, but came with annoying ads attached, unless you paid for it. In their wisdom the developers have now made it freeware, with no ads. The news from the net is, that this is a great browser, in my opinion second to firefox, get it while you can


NAOMI 3.2.90
System Req: Win NT - Vista
Direct Download NAOMI Screenshot

This program filters out specific websites that have adult related content on them. It totally closes down the browser when someone trys to access the website.
A password is required to change settings, so you can protect your children.
Highly recommended. NOTE: Last Freeware version


HTTrack Website Copier
System Req: Win XP - 8, Linux, MAC
Download Page HTTrack Website Copier Screenshot

Ever wanted to download a whole website and look at it later?
I know I have. Well this is the tool to do it

Pop-up Blockers

EMS Free Surfer MK2
System Req: Win XP - XP
Download Page EMS Free Surfer MK Screenshot

One of the main features that distinguishes this pop-up blocker from similar ones is its ability to block floating ads. No other pop-up blocker I have ever used could do that and more. Although I don't use IE anymore, when I did, this was the tool I used to surf safely. It's very popular and worth trying, you won't look back


TCP/IP Optimizer
System Req: Win XP - 7
Download Page TCP/IP Optimizer Screenshot

This program is great, it's easy to use, it's small, and you don't need to install it.
It tweaks your connection speed to go the fastest it can, by changing your registry values. It's a lot easier to use than cablenut, give it a try

FireTune  FireTune Portable
System Req: Win 2000 - Vista
Direct Download FireTune Screenshot

This program enables you to configure your Firefox browser in a G.U.I.
It also allows you to backup your configurations and it's easy to use
NOTE: Last Freeware version


System Req: Win 2000 - 8
Download Page AM-DeadLink Screenshot

AM-DEADLINK lets you find all your dead and duplicate links in your internet browser bookmarks. Some features include backing up your bookmarks in a zip file, downloading favicons for the web sites and exporting them. A useful tool indeed, it saves you time by not checking them manually


NetMeter  NetMeter Portable
System Req: Win 2000 - 7
Download Page NetMeter Screenshot

Find out how much you are downloading and uploading.
It's very customizable and handy for PC users who only have capped bandwidth on their ISP plans.
Set it to alert you when you have reached a certain amount, set the days you want it to start calculating from and more. It's small, easy to use and will benefit alot of people. Enjoy

System Req: Win XP - XP
Download Page WebMon Screenshot

A web monitoring page program. You can specify unlimited numbers of pages to check for updates, schedule when to check automatically, pop-up alerts, sounds and much more. It saves you time and is useful

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