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System Req: Win XP - 8, MAC OS
Download Page E-Sword Screenshot

This program simplifies studying the bible. It is easy to use and has a wealth of information included with it. Features include geographic maps, various charts, powerful search capabilities and much more.
Be sure to check it out

TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus    TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus PORTABLE
System Req: Win Vista - 8
Download Page TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus Screenshot

I've tried literally all of the dictionary software out there, and this one, by far is the best! The interface is top-notch. The database contains tons of information.
So much information, that it almost seems like an encyclopedia.
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S FREE! (This is one users opinion of the software)

Polyglot 3000
System Req: Win Vista - 8
Download Page Polyglot 3000 Screenshot

Ever wanted to know what language that is? Well now you can.
Over 400 languages supported. Just copy and paste and your done. Very handy

System Req: Win Vista - 7, Linux, MAC OS
Download Page Childsplay Screenshot

A fun suite of educational games for young children.
Games included are guess what that sound is, memory cards, pacman word, ping pong and more. I just finished playing with my 3 year old son, he loved it and so will every child and adult. This is what you would expect to pay for. Enjoy

Periodic Library    Periodic Library Portable
System Req: Win XP - 7
Download Page Periodic Library Screenshot

An interactive periodic table of the elements.
But it is more than simply a computerized version of the standard periodic table. It takes full advantage of your computer's capabilities to give you an in-depth look at the elements that make up our earth, the solar system, the galaxy... well, let's just say everything (Taken from authors description)

System Req: Win Vista - 7, UNIX/Linux, MAC
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A real-time 3D space simulator that allows you to to travel throughout the solar system, or beyond the galaxy.
Enjoy viewing our beautiful universe and obtain additional information on various objects as you take a tour. Take advantage of the useful zoom features, record the travels of your trip and more.
I can't believe this is free! Enjoy

RapidTyping    RapidTyping Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 8
Download Page RapidTyping Screenshot

A fast and useful application that helps to improve your typing skills.
Features include touch typing statistics for lessons that are taken, creating your own lessons, customizable interfaces and more. A great bit of software thats portable, doesn't take much resources and is beneficial for kids of all ages.

Teach your young kids some basic skills.
Allows them to have fun while they're learning. It teaches them how to use numbers, alphabet, spell and more. Apart from all that, you can also record your own voice to use instead of the defualt one.
A useful and easy tool that will be a benefit to all parents and children

Sebran    Sebran Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 7
Download Page Sebran Screenshot

12 simple and fun teaching exercises for young kids aged between 4 - 9.
Enjoy learning with your young ones as they learn to count, play hangman, spell, memorize cards and more

MiniSebran    MiniSebran Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 7
Download Page MiniSebran Screenshot

8 simple and fun teaching exercises for young kids aged between 2 - 6.
Enjoy learning with your young ones as they learn colours, numbers, stamps, the alphabet and more

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