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Defraggler  Defraggler Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 10
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Piriform's Defraggler tool comes from the makers of the excellent freeware program CCleaner.
This great program defrag's your computer system. Features include Defragging entire hard drives, individual files, supports HDD, SSD with NTFS and FAT32 file systems and more. Defraggler is also available in a portable version.

MyDefrag  MyDefrag Portable
System Req: Win Vista - 7
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An excellent defragmenter that is small, easy to use, doesn't need to be installed, supports command line parameters and includes screensaver integration.
User comment "This little gem moves all of your programs to the front of the disk (which the XP default defrag program can't/won't do) for faster access and it also uses an optimization strategy when doing so. It also offers many command line parameters but I've found it works great just by clicking the executable and letting it run. Also, please read the associated documentation for a better understanding of the total process... and finally, it doesn't have to be installed to work. Highly recommended!". Also download one of the GUI versions

DG Defragmenter
System Req: Win XP
Direct Download DG Defragmenter Screenshot

A high performance defragmenter which is built on top of DOS based defrag engine "DirMS.exe". Extra features include 6 difference defrag options , scan and remove for empty folders, orphaned shortcuts, benchmark HDD and more.
It used to be shareware, enjoy