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Well, in 2003 I started to create a site that was called tf76's favourite freeware. I added about 20 listings with a few categories.


As you can see things have changed a bit :)

After a while I asked advice from a guy from work who said that I should totally redo the site.

I took his advice and in late 2004 Top Freeware was started. Through another guy from work, I found a generous person, who hosted the site for me.

To view more of the sites history go wayback.
The main reason I started the site was because I couldn't be bothered sifting through all different sources to find the best of each category. Many hours have been spent scouring the internet and going to many different sources to find out peoples opinions about what is good and what is not.

Main quote:

There are a lot of good programs available for free, that are legal to download and use for any amount of time, with no restrictions. Personally myself, I will not go out and pay for a program unless I can't get it off the net for free. By that I mean "LEGALLY", 95% of the stuff you need, you can get from the net without forking out loads of money.

Thankyou to all who support what I am doing.